Kids Stocking Stuffers That Will Knock Their Socks Off

Great Things do Come in Little Packages

 Cute as a Bug

Little ones will love micro-robotic scampering critters that travel at one foot per second with a flashing red heartbeat and eyes that pulse when the robot is idle.  Charges by USB in 30 minutes for 15 minutes of play.  $19.99.  RadioShack and Toys R’ Us.

For the Road

 Entertain traveling tots over the holidays with the Sesame Street Video USB.  Adorned with the familiar faces of their favorite characters, the tiny soft memory drives can plug into your laptop, netbook or computer, and with one simple click toddlers are entertained on the road or at home.  Each drive features a full-length, character-themed educational movie, capacity to store tons of content — up to 400 songs, 400 photos, and direct access to the Sesame Street website. $24.99.

Smile for Santa

Forgo candy canes in the kids’ stockings this year in favor of a treat that’s actually good for their teeth, the Hot Wheels Firefly Toothbrush, featuring a red light in the handle that blinks for 60 seconds, long enough to brush each row of teeth.  When it stops, start again on the next arch.  For ages 6 – 12, $2.99.  Walgreens and other national retailers or

I Spy the Perfect Gift

Budding secret agents will be thrilled with the assortment of Spy Net gadgets that make missions more fun, like the Spy Net Video Watch, packed with features, including a real-working hidden video camera and audio system, Spy Net Rearview Glasses with a special reflective mirror that reveals the action behind you, or the Spy Net Invisible Ink Pen, which allows you to write secret messages that you can read later with a special light.  Ages 5+, SRP $7.99 – $49.99.  Toy stores nationwide.

Better Than Allowance

Teach tweens and teens how to budget and spend wisely, and show your confidence in them by giving them their own Bill My Parents Pre-Paid Mastercard.  Parents can top it up with allowance or holiday money and then keep track of their children’s spending by monitoring and approving transactions through the BillMyParents site.  Standard fees apply.

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