The Little Red Carpet: The Pre-Oscar Lounge for Tiny Rising Stars

Stephen romps in a play space at the Pre-Oscar Studio for celebrity parents

For two days before the Oscars in Hollywood, they are getting primped, pampered and adored.  No, not the nominees, but their little ones, at the Pre-Oscars Studio hosted by Jayneoni Moore.

Each year before the premier award shows, the style expert and children’s wear designer, known as “the Baby Lady of Hollywood,” hosts an exclusive gifting suite where celebrity parents and parents-to-be drop by for a little playtime with their kids and to pick up the hottest baby and toddler fashions, toys and gear.

Accompanied by my leading man, my three-year-old son Stephen, I checked out the sweetest swag in town, and here are our picks for this year’s the big winners:

Stephen and one of the Babybot monsters

Babybot ( got my vote for best in show for their original collection of modern and beautiful products, such as their stuffed cuddly monsters that only a mother could love, adorable, unique apparel with felt appliques, and a duck-whale -blob-like rocker that inspires imagination and giggles.  Babybot is also an exclusive online carrier of the elite Bugaboo stroller.

You can always say, “I knew him/her when…” and now you can preserve the moment with fine photography from portrait artiste Jessica Christine ( ), who captures risings stars from newborns and infants to children, offering sittings for all the little people.

Before they could learn their lines, they had to learn to read, and Leap Frog ( is an aspiring actor’s BFF.  The learning toy company’s teacher-recommended Tag reading system features an electronic pen that reads aloud when dragged across the page of specially encrypted books, and with story book collections like the Disney-Pixar Risk-Taker book pack or the Disney Dreamers gift pack, kids can relive their favorite movies while engaging in fun reading time.

It may not go with your formal wear on Oscar night, but at least the soft and safe Teething Bling ( bracelet, designed to look like a stylish bangle, won’t have to be returned to the jewelry designer the next morning, and it will save you from having to remember to pack along something for baby to gnaw on during those trying teething months.

In a town where it’s often said that in order for you to succeed your friends must fail, the I Like Book ( is a much needed concept in counter-culture.  The journal guides children and parents to record the things about themselves, others and life that they like, encouraging self-esteem and generosity.  The how-to manual to raising a next generation of anti-bullies.

You know how good it feels to kick off your heels after a night of standing and schmoozing at a those after parties, so certainly you can appreciate the genius behind Toe Blooms (, the perfect accessory for precious little toes that refuse to wear shoes anyway.  The stylish flower design decorations simple slip on and stay on with soft and frilly elastic straps for pretty feet without the fuss.

In Hollywood beauty is skin deep, so you might as well have beautiful skin.  That’s where Skinfix ( comes in.  The all-natural solution for just about every skin type, condition and need, they offer everything from Diaper Rash Paste to Inked tattoo cream.   They even make a remedy for dogs with hot spots called Pooch Paste. 

When the spotlight is just too much, or the sunlight, you can keep your baby incognito in Cutie Covers (, designer-style blankets that drape and tie over baby carry seats.

When Joan asks “Who are you wearing,” impress her with, “Aly Dahl,” the designer of beautiful and wearable art keepsake jewelry (  Her adorable necklace charms can feature custom imprints, such as tiny fingerprints, or other original designs, such as one she created using her own dog’s nuzzle print.

If the fast life of Tinseltown has got you scrambling, slow down, and remind your little idolizers to do the same, with Aqualife clothing for kids (, featuring the collection’s signature crab inscribed with “LIFE” adorning a variety of shirts and  hats for kiddies.

No way you’re gonna fit a diaper in that little black bag, or is there?  Individually wrapped and vacuum-packed Diaper Buds ( are compressed small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.  What makes Diaper Buds even more fantastic is that a portion of proceeds from sales got to the wonderful Operation Hope project that restores smiles to children born with cleft lips and palates. 

The limelight is shining green these days, with pure natural organic products getting top billing, and Zoe Organics ( has the winning formula.  Their line for baby and pregnancy covers the body head to toe.  Especially ingenious is their all-purpose Baby Balm in a stick that can be applied anywhere anytime.

Larry Birkhead and daughter Dannielynn check out Zoe Organics

Forget hitting the Governor’s Ball, the hottest meal around is Baby Gourmet (, fresh from Canada, these squeezable pouches of nutritious wholesome organic fruit and veggies are perfect on the run and fun for babies and toddlers to feed themselves.

Perfect to display beside your golden statuette on the mantel, Any Random Jane (www.anyrandomjane) has created clever and versatile artwork in the form of wall art, placements, photo frames and other useful home décor items.

Antonia Sabato Jr and wife pick up some SWAG from Any Random Jane

Photographer Julie Rollins ( ) knows what it takes to win Best Picture.  Almost as amazing as her images is her ability to sooth a kid and coax out a smile, as she did at the Pre-Oscar Studio armed with bags of Goldfish crackers and bottled waters.  No wonder she is able to capture her stylish yet down-to-earth portraits of babies and parents with such warmth and emotion.

For the after party to remember, The Sugar Fairy Bakeshop ( makes magical sweets that look so beautiful you don’t want to eat them, but you won’t be able to resist.  Stephen’s favorites were the mini-cupcakes, Rice Krispie treats on a stick or giant pretzel sticks swirled in chocolate.  Yummy and fun to eat.

Wondering how you can juggle baby, bottle, binky, wipes and all the accoutrement of motherhood and still have a hand free to check your fan mail on your Blackberry?  The Hipp Mama ( has the answer with the Tool Belt for Moms, a handy and stylish nylon belt with adjustable pouches for all your necessaries. 

Puppy & Bean ( is not the name of a new buddy movie, but the company’s adorable imprinted shirts, designed for “complex creatures,” are certainly buzz-worthy.  Phrases like “Wise Beyond My Years” and “I’m Just a Little Emotional” give babies and toddlers a way to express themselves, before they can say it for themselves.

While little girls swoon for My Little Pony (, Rainbow Dash, the blue pony with the multi-hued mane, has become a favorite with boys, and after all, every Disney prince rides in on a stead.

For aspiring princesses who can’t get enough girly dresses, bows and ribbons, Lil Kiddies Creations ( delights with flamboyant flowery designs to wear and accessorize; for the ballerina in every twirling tot, there’s Little Diva Tutus (, which donates a significant portion of proceeds for every Layla Grace Tutu to children’s cancer research in memory of the tutu’s namesake; and for the precious little party girl in the making, the hottest designer of frilly and fanciful designs is  Jayneoni Moore (, the party host for the day. You can find great savings on a lot of the items or similar items with coupons here.

Lil Kiddies Creations Peace-Sign dress

Classics from Jayneoni Moore

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