Letter from Family Equality Council’s Jennifer Chrisler on School Bullying

Just wanted to pass along this letter I received from Executive Director Jennifer Chrisler of the Family Equality Council.  I am fortunate to send my son to a pre-school in LA where he and our family are treated the same as everyone else.  There has never been an issue, question, challenge, uncomfortable moment, etc., ever at our son’s school because he is being raised with two moms, but we realize not every school and community is like ours, and of course we don’t know yet how it will be for our son when he gets older and goes to elementary school, middle school and high school.

Family Equality is an outstanding organization that is doing great things to help our families achieve equality.  I am proud to be a supporter.

Dear Pearson,

This month, as we send our kids back to school, I’m reminded about all the
ways we try to set them up for success. We look for the best schools, help them
with their homework, encourage them in after-school activities and do everything
in our power to make sure that they stand out as great students and all-around
good kids.

We want more for them.

But sadly, as the kids of LGBT parents, they’re asked to settle for

Less protection from bullying and harassment.

Less security from laws and school policies that don’t include them.

Less support from some school districts that encourage them to keep silent
instead of speak out about LGBT issues.

I was astounded when I first saw the results of Family Equality Council’s
study that found that 42% of children with LGBT parents face bullying
and harassment.1

I’m sorry, I won’t settle for my kids being treated as less than. Neither
should you.

That’s why we are working to pass the Safe Schools Improvement Act and the
Student Non-Discrimination Act, two bills currently in Congress that together
would prohibit bullying, discrimination and harassment of students
because they have LGBT parents or friends
, or because of their actual
or perceived sexual orientation.

During this critical back-to-school month I am calling on ALL of our friends
and supporters to stand up for our children and help keep them safe in
school by taking two important steps right now:

1. Take action. Help us to pass the Safe Schools Improvement Act and the
Student Non-Discrimination Act. Email your
legislators and urge them to co-sponsor both of these

2. Give. For the same reason you set aside money for dance lessons or
basketball leagues, I’m asking you to help us fight to make sure your child has
more. You can be assured that we’ll put your gift to work right away in schools
and on Capitol Hill to fight for your equal rights as citizens and as a

Will you join with me now? We can’t settle for less for our children.
Help protect our children and families with your
support today.

Thank you so much for being a part of our family. We couldn’t do this
essential work without you.

With all my thanks,

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