My Memorable Thanksgiving Dish: The Dessert Turkey


I’m not a cook, so when everyone else contributes their home-made family recipes to the Thanksgiving feast, I bring a store-bought dish, which I usually try to disguise by putting it into Corningware and hiding it among the other dishes on the table.  But this year I am bringing the turkey, for dessert.


I considered a traditional pumpkin or pecan pie, but our family friend who is hosting this year’s banquet is a creative soul – the kind who makes home-made ice cream sandwiches in animal shapes when our kids snack at her house, so had to be more original.


That’s when I came across the Baskin-Robbins Turkey Cake ($31.99,  It’s a life-sized turkey-shaped cake stuffed with custom ice cream flavors, glazed in chocolate and caramel, and featuring two tasty legs of sugar cones.  I had flashbacks to the red velvet armadillo cake of Steel Magnolias.  It was perfect.  Not just a dessert centerpiece, but a conversation piece. 


I’m sure we won’t have to worry about leftovers with this Thanksgiving turkey, which feeds 12 to 16 hungry pilgrims. I expect it to be gobbled up in no time.  This year I can proudly trot in with a perfectly prepared turkey, without having to slave over a hot oven.


But don’t think just because I didn’t bake this baby that I didn’t put any forethought into it – The Turkey Cake must be ordered three days in advance.  If you chicken out and want to go traditional, Baskin Robbins also has good ol’ ice cream pies as well as cakes decorated in the theme of a fall wreath and harvest roll.

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