Finding an Attorney in Los Angeles

Thankfully I have never had the need for a California criminal lawyer, but I do believe in our justice system and everyone’s right to a defense and a fair trial.  If I did require the services of a Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer, I would look for a professional who is a SuperLawyer, which is a distinction that Los Angeles magazine bestows on a select group of lawyers each year.   I met an attorney who had received this honor, and I consulted several other attorneys about him, and they all agreed, despite the fact he was a competitor, that he was “brilliant” and that the accolade was indeed deserved. 

As a public relations professional by trade, I am aware that sometimes the only reason anyone, including a prominent attorney, gets press time or ink is they have a great PR pro working for them.  But the true test is sustainably.  A PR rep may be able to secure their client an interview on TV or in a newspaper article one, but if their client doesn’t have credibility or prove him or herself truly an expert spokesperson, then they will not be used again by the media.  So, if you see that an attorney has repeatedly appeared in press articles, etc., then that is assurance that he/she knows the subject matter.

Like the salesperson who is a sucker for a sales pitch, I too, as PR pro put a high value on media exposure.  I know it is not so easy to get your clients in the news unless they are worthy.

If you find yourself searching for “criminal defense attorney Los Angeles” online to find a good lawyer, good advice is to see if the attorney has appeared in the media, and if the media are notable.  This can be a reliable gauge for competence.

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