Don’t Let a Lemon Squeeze You

Thankfully the pre-owned Lexus I bought a few years ago has worked out wonderfully for me.  I’ve had a few expensive repairs, such as a Zenon headlamp that burned out and cost $2,600!  But my extended warranty and my dealer, Jim Falk Lexus in Beverly Hills, made everything right.

Unfortunately for many new and used car buyers, there are many “lemons” out there, and that’s why California is one of the states that has lemon laws to protect consumers.  But the law can be confusing, so it’s best to consults California lemon law lawyers if you have purchased a bad car.

California lemon law attorneys can tell you what rights you have.  They know the law, and they know what tactics dealers use to try to skirt them.  Lemon law attorneys in California take the stress off of the consumer by dealing directly with the dealer or manufacturer so you don’t have to.

Most people think when they buy a used car or they lease a car that they buy “as is” and have no protections under the lemon law, but lemon laws apply in these cases too.

There are a number of criteria to determine if your vehicle qualifies as a lemon.  You must keep a record of all the attempts you have made at repair and to resolve the problems.  Today most dealerships have an electronic record of your visits which you can request to have printed out.

It is determined on a case by case basis if the attempts you have made to resolve the problems are reasonable.  There can be other losses associated with your claim that a lawyer can help you figure out.  Don’t give in to frustration.  See a lawyer who can help you get the defect-free car that you paid for.

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