Decorative Mats for the Home

Years ago only grocery store clerks and other workers who stood for long hours had anti-fatigue mats underfoot. They were utilitarian looking (read ugly), but they did the job of relieving foot, leg and back pain from standing on hard surfaces for extended periods of time.  Now these cushiony floor mats are designed for home use, with styles and colors that beat the industrial-grade black rubberized look that your local grocer stood on.

GelPro Mats have engineered a variety of comfort mats for the home, from the NewLife collection featuring Cellulon Bio-Foam plant-based renewable foam in Earth colors to plush mats for the bathroom.  Other features include a non-skid bottom and anti-microbial surface that cleans easily.

The new style mats are designed with tapered edges to prevent tripping, and constructed from one solid piece of foam and a springy resilient inner core made to stand up under high use. 

The first generation of these mats were crazy expensive, considering they were just a few square feet of covered gel material, but prices have come down just as style, color, foams and function has improved.  The GelPro NewLife line starts at $69.

One Comment on “Decorative Mats for the Home

  1. These mats are the greatest thing to have happened to my kitchen! I’m what we’re going to politely refer to as “zaftig”, and I absolutely love to cook. But my feet take a beating when I’m in the kitchen. (Imagine two tiny grains of rice being pounded by a potato for a couple of hours, and you’ll know what I mean.) These mats have saved my arches, my feet and my sanity. Now that they’re coming down in price? Oooh, baby. I need some to put in front of my bathroom vanity, too!

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