A Style That Soars – Top Gun Jackets


I can’t believe it’s been more than 25 years since the movie Top Gun.  Who can forget Iceman and Goose, and of course Lt. Pete “Maverick” Mitchell.  It seems the term “Maverick” got worn out during the last Presidential campaign, but certainly Tom Cruise’s character’s look has never gotten old.  Still today, there’s nothing hotter than a navy flight jacket with jeans.

My old bf, Bill “Storm” Savage (I know, it sounds like a stripper name, but for real, that was his moniker), wore a flight jacket before he was even in the military.  BTW, where are you now Bill?  In high school he sported his father’s authentic old distressed leather jacket.  It was a standout among the wool letter jackets that all the other jocks wore.  Of course, he also accessorized with aviator glasses.  It was the height of the Ray Ban craze during my high school and college years.

Though I have in general never been a big fan of glamorizing war gear – in fact my son is not allowed to have any toy weapons in our house, and he will never wear fatigues, flight jackets have transcended into layman’s fashion.  They are functional, fashionable, and they even look fab on women, and at landingzone.com they are affordable and available in more styles than I knew existed.  Check it out, and be your own Maverick!

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