Oscar Gifting Suite Finds Niche with Celebrity Parents

Jayneoni Moore’s Boom Boom Room Studio Previews Hot New Products for Kids, Raises Funds for First Books Charity

Everyone has heard about the lavish gift baskets and gifting suites that have become as much a part of Hollywood’s award season as red carpets.  Companies give away their goods and services to nominees and celebrities with hopes these powerful media influencers will generate buzz about their products.  Ideally the celebs will show off those products in photos, which is a tantamount to an unofficial endorsement.

Jayneoni Moore, a fashion television personality and celebrity nursery designer, found a way to stand out in the gifting scene by offering celebrities not swag for themselves but for their little ones.  Moore’s Boom Boom Room Studio pre-Oscar gifting suite, and her other events in conjunction with various award ceremonies, targets celebrities who are expecting or new parents.  The event is a chance for celebs to meet, greet and take away samples from big brands as well as boutique vendors of children’s toys, gear and apparel.


The 2013 Oscar-eve event at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills offered guests a trove of treats and goodies, such new Fisher-Price toys from their Imaginext line, adorable and eco-friendly Funkins  table linens for kids,  a month of free Blessed Bums cloth-to-compost diapers, bows for girly babies from the Hair Candy Store, designer cookie treats from The Cookie Jar, wearable teaching moments from Mightee Kids, and Mommy-Baby Bonding Blankets, a small but big-hearted company which just announced a campaign to send their fuzzy baby blankets to service members overseas so they can cuddle with them and send them home with their scent to ease separation with little loved ones.

Besides freebies for celebrity guests, Boom Boom Room Studio events have included DJ entertainment, face painting, cookie and candy making and other kid-friendly activities, and donations collected at this year’s event benefited the children’s First Book to help build libraries in low income classrooms.

2 Comments on “Oscar Gifting Suite Finds Niche with Celebrity Parents

  1. Those baby bonding blankets are so Sweet! Can’t leave the house without it. Thank you

    • Hey Leeanne, we are running a 20% off dadday special on our site….www.mommy-babybondingblanket.com I know the link above is broken….

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