Once a Fan, Always a Fan!


Buying a baby gift is always tricky.  In the case of babies where the gender is not yet know or shared by the parents, there’s the question of color.  Yellow and green are generally safe, but neutral gifts can also be impersonal, and boring.  The truth is, a baby gift is really a gift for the parents, as the infant is too young to appreciate it.  So the perfect baby gift is one that the parents will enjoy, such as themed baby clothes by

Especially if the parents are sports fans with a favorite team, a onesie or even a baby carrier with their professional or college team emblem will be a gift they will adore on their little one.

As I am a native of Washington, D.C., and I now live in Los Angeles, I solved the issue of which team to choose by satisfying both my friends from DC and LA with a maroon and gold outfit for my infant son – which the friends and relatives from home and my LA friends took to represent either the Washington Redskins or USC, depending on their own affiliation.

The babyfans site’s moto is “Once a Fan, Always a Fan,” and from my experience, that’s a true fact.  Diehard fans stay loyal, which is why if your own parents were Cowboy fans, then you will likely dress your baby in Dallas Cowboys Baby Clothes, and they will pass on the tradition.  And nothing could be cuter … unless you are a Redskins fan!

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